Thursday, November 30, 2017

Environmental Writing, Spring 2018

Ramapo College Spring Study        (photo/Jan Barry)

Ramapo College offers a course in Environmental Writing that combines research, field trips, writing for the Web, and discussions with guest speakers on the cutting edge of environmental journalism, scholarship and activism. This 4-credit elective is designed for students majoring in environmental studies, environmental science, journalism, communications and is open to all interested students. Alumni are welcome to audit the course for free.

COMM 307
Wednesdays, 6:05-9:35 pm
Starts Jan. 17, 2018

Create a portfolio of writings on environmental issues. Post on Ramapo Lookout website and showcase your best work.
Explore probing questions about environmental topics. Research environmental issues to pinpoint the problem and what’s being done about it. Concisely present an informative environmental story.

Designed for Communications, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies majors and open to all interested students. (Contact instructor for prerequisite override.)

Instructor: Adjunct Professor Jan Barry Crumb
(Jan Barry is a national award-winning journalist and Ramapo College graduate. His “Toxic Legacy” reporting for The Record of Bergen County is featured in the HBO documentary Mann v. Ford.)