Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kerry Calls Climate Change a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Dear Editor,

Global warming has been a term used for many years now. It has been thrown around and debated overtime between scientists and the public.  Global warming may in fact be losing it’s dramatic impact. I find this to be of utmost concern. There are people who frankly just don’t care about the environment, there are people who believe that global warming is a scam to create business, and some people are like Secretary of State John F. Kerry who face the facts and are ready to make a change.

Uneducated citizens are choosing to not believe in global warming. Especially those here on the east coast who have been experiencing record breaking cold temperatures and loads more snow then they are used to. What people are confusing as weather may in fact be part of climate change. The term global warming may not necessarily be the easiest term for people to grasp.  This is mainly because people focus on the “warming” part, instead of the drastic climate change patterns.

Here in New Jersey, as people shovel feet of snow from their driveways, they commonly think to themselves “global warming is a hoax.” When in reality they are judging from a single instance of extreme weather and are not focusing on the bigger picture. New Jersey residents, of all people, should be observant of the fact that it is not a hoax. Hurricane Sandy, the most devastating hurricane we have had yet, is proof climate change is a reality and all inhabitants of the Earth should focus their attention on trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

I personally believe it is difficult for people to associate the reality of global warming because they do not witness it first hand. Yes, we are experiencing global climate change, but maybe we should be paying more attention to how global climate change is affecting islands such as the islands in Indonesia. People are hesitant to trust information because of a disconnection of real life visuals.
Yes, the Earth does go through periods of warming and it has been scientifically proven so. However, we have sped up the process of the Earth warming to a point where our future is at stake. Previously, the blame was placed on the United States in the West and the modern industrialization advances. In his speech in Indonesia, Secretary of State Kerry acknowledged that every human being on Earth is a contributor and therefore needs to reduce global impact. The actions of just one country aren’t going to make a difference if the rest of the world isn’t on board. Since the beginning of mankind we have lived at one with nature. However, now in the modern world we are ultimately taking over the Earth and impacting nature in ways our ancestors never did.

The global solution to combat climate change is still under questioning. We know we have to do something, but what can we do? I feel that there are so many efforts underway, but also so many dilemmas as well. The truth is humans are not yet ready to change their lifestyles. Meanwhile countries such as the United States and China are teaming up and discussing ways that they can reduce their carbon footprint. Change is coming, but will it be soon enough?

-- Brianne Bishop

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