Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mahwah Ecology Group Tackles Trash Cleanup on Stag Hill


Contact: Eric J. Fuchs-Stengel
(201) 316-4888
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Stag Hill Trash Clean Up on Saturday

MAHWAH, NJ – Join MEVO (Mahwah Environmental Volunteer Organization) in the spirit of Earth Day with helping clean a local area that is subject to local dumping. This cleanup will take place on Saturday, April 19, at 189 Stag Hill Rd. in Mahwah, NJ. The event will begin at 10 am and will run until about 4 pm. 

Be prepared to sweat! It is important to wear appropriate clothing for this as you will be getting down and dirty! Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes, maybe some gloves if you prefer, and bring lots of water and snacks! The weather will be sunny with a high of 63 degrees. Get outside and enjoy the beautiful day while helping the community and the environment.

MEVO was formed in 2008 when Eric Fuchs-Stengel saw that Stag Hill was a community area where residents dumped unwanted items including hundreds of tires, furniture, mattresses, paints, toxic chemicals, and basically any unwanted substance or object that people just want to get rid of, and he knew he wanted to make a difference. By forming this organization, MEVO has made a major impact on the quality of Stag Hill.  The organization has grown over the years and has been active  throughout the community. 

Great things are coming from MEVO including an acre and a half area of land in Fairlawn, NJ that will be turned into their own community garden. This will provide the community with hands on farming experience, residents with locally grown food, as well as  education opportunities to those of all ages. MEVO bases their work on the idea that we need to “pop the suburban bubble” and provide opportunity to a wide variety of citizens.

--Brianne Bishop

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