Sunday, March 1, 2015

Is the Weather Being Manipulated?

Dear Editor,

While browsing through the science section of your website, How Stuff Works?, I couldn’t help but be drawn towards an article called “What are chemtrails, and should you be scared of them?”

Chemtrails were never something that I often acknowledged until I took a hike this past summer. While I was atop a popular mountain in my area, I had no choice but to observe what was going on in the sky. I noticed that there were a plethora of jets with a perfect line of what looked like smoke following behind them. My friend who was beside me pointed up and said, “There goes the government releasing unknown substances into the air. Look at all of the chemtrails.” Of course, I know that this is a common conspiracy theory, but it made me think about what the government is capable of. Therefore, I was intrigued when the article went on to explain Operation Cumulus.
I was shocked to read that the British government set forth a cloud-seeding experiment that went wrong in 1952. This ultimately resulted in deadly flash floods which killed dozens. However, it was no surprise to me that the British Ministry of Defense denied their involvement in the issue until they were exposed. Prior to reading this, I had not the slightest clue that the government is able to modify the weather. This led me to wonder if the extreme global climate change that’s occurring is bizarre or planned.
It’s snowing in areas that don’t even own plows and remaining hot in areas that should be transitioning into winter temperatures. Record breaking storms and weather-related disasters are occurring way too often. Many are quick to simply think that this is unexplainable. However, is there a group of elitists formulating and calculating these natural disasters and mysterious climates? Is something similar to Operation Cumulus happening all around us? Government conspiracy theories are more realistic to me than far fetched and this is yet another one that has me thinking.
As we know, this country is as overpopulated as they come. Therefore, it would only make sense for jets to be spewing chemicals into our air. After breathing various toxins in for so long without choice, medical complications are expected. That’s a more long term way to kill people off, but the weather is a quick fix. I wouldn’t be surprised if people sat around a table and said, “Let’s create a huge storm next week. That’ll kill a few hundred.”

It’s sad that we have to think so cynically, but situations like this may really be happening, although they may seem like fantasies to some. Operation Cumulus is proof that those with enough power have the ability to manipulate the weather. That alone really gives us something to think about once the next “unexplainable,” “natural” disaster strikes.
Brianna Farulla


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