Friday, March 18, 2016

Supreme Court Should Listen to the Public on Climate Change Action

Dear Editor, The New York Times:

In regard to your editorial, “The Court Blocks Efforts to Slow Climate Change” (Feb. 11), we are entering a time where climate change effects are no longer fast approaching us; in fact, they are already happening. President Obama’s plan to make the states cut major greenhouse gas emissions from their electricity providers is an action that we desperately need to fight the increasing effects of climate change. However, now that the Supreme Court has “temporarily” blocked this plan from going any further, a real stand on progress needs to be made. The fact that surveys show that the majority of Americans do believe in climate change and its effects proves that the majority on the Supreme Court should be supporting this plan.

It is crucial now that American people voice their support for this plan to go into action because of how important fighting the climate change effects is for us. We all need to show our support and get the word out as much as we can. Please continue updating the public on this plan and what will come of it. Encourage the majority to voice their demand for a plan like this and for the justices to hear us and make decisions like Chief Justice Roberts said they should, “not like Democrats or Republicans.”

Cassandra Bernyk

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