Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Let's Get Started

By Demelza Davies

Not everyone needs to be in tune with what is going on environmentally. But we do need to be aware of how our actions affect the globe. People who don't care about things such as "Global Warming" are generally the ones who simply don't know that simple changes in their lifestyle can help save the environment. A lot of people feel that the environment is a scientific issue that is hard to understand. Sure, it is easy to say to some to "Google it," but not everyone is keen on the information they find on the Internet, or they simple don't have the time to look through articles and pinpoint the facts that are of interest. So let's just put it down into three words developed by environment enthusiasts to make it easier for the not-so-environmentally-sound: REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE.

There are many websites and articles that inform people how to understand the environment. There are also plenty of articles giving advice on how people can help the environment without too much effort. For example, did you know it's cheaper to use cloth napkins than paper napkins? Once used, you throw it in the washing machine along with your dirty linens and voila, a fresh serviette ready to be used again. By making this one small change, you emit less waste to the world and use less trees! Who would of guessed you can save the world and money in one swift movement, whoosh. If you are really cramped with time, try really simple things like ingesting less bottled water. People are always misinformed about bottled water; it's not necessarily better than tap water. As long as you live in an area with a well kept reservoir, you're fine. In fact, you're great because that means there are less chemicals emitted. Also, a lot of people are not aware of the extra chemicals you consume through the plastic of the bottled water; so by drinking more tap water you ingest less chemicals automatically and save the earth from the dreaded plastic waste.

Here's another way to save money and our beloved mother earth. Don't buy individual wrapped snacks. Buy them in the value bag and place portions in individual tuber ware. It's cheaper to buy the value size versus the individual wrapped kind. Indeed, you might have to spend what, five minutes organizing your cheaper snack, but think of the trees. We all basically want to avoid trash at all costs. I got these awesome tips from a credible source that has a lot of information on being environmentally aware. Visit It provides information on the many ways an everyday person can help fight pollution and global warming.

There are many ways to help the environment that only take minutes of your time and even help save you money. Get online and find out what you can learn, because everyone has different needs. The most common needs I can think of are using refillable bottles and reusable travel coffee cups. If everyone makes this slight changes to their everyday lives we would all be a little happier and a lot healthier

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