Thursday, March 4, 2010

Saving A Swamp: Something for Everybody

By Amanda Valenti

Saving a swamp is a wonderful idea. New Jersey needs to preserve more land and be more respectful of the beauty it still has. Though we generally do not hear much about saving land in New Jersey, it is something that should get more attention.

Landowners who make a conscious effort to preserve their woodlands do get a tax break, which is a wonderful incentive for people to take extra care in the land around them. I personally think more needs to be done in the way that landowners should be motivated more to conserve the land that surrounds them.

Whether the land is beautiful grass and trees or a muddy swamp, land is land and if we do not do anything now to protect it, someday we will not have the pleasure of seeing it any longer. Land is precious and once buildings and homes go up, the chances are slim to none to ever getting that beautiful land back, as homes would have to be knocked down.

Governors of New Jersey tend to make some decent decisions on how the residents can keep the land they have and stop companies from building. Slowly but surely New Jersey is taking back control of the land.

Keeping the water clean is also a very important topic that needs to be touched on. Many people tend to throw their garbage away on the streets, and out car windows. When it rains, garbage can find its way into a our storm water systems, polluting what could be pretty clean water.

How hard is it to find a garbage can to dispose of waste? It is almost as easy as tossing it on the street. Garbage cans are usually readily available in order to stop this from happening, but many times people just cannot wait to get rid of the extra baggage.

New Jersey has several beautiful natural parks where people can walk around and look at the beautiful scenery. It is not much to look at in the winter, but during the other seasons it is beautiful. This is in large part due to the time and energy put into saving this land and ensuring it stays the way it was intended.

Some of these places have wildlife in large caged areas to add to the environmental feel. The employees take much care in the land that surrounds them, and though they get paid to look after the land, if people took care of just a portion of what the employees do, our land would be much better off.

There is so much everyone can do in order to preserve New Jersey’s land. If everyone just took a little time and put in a little effort, altogether citizens could really make a difference in New Jersey. Every little bit counts, especially when it comes to lessening the impact on our land. Everyone does the work and everyone gets to benefit; it is a win/win situation.

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