Sunday, May 2, 2010

Letter to the Editor: Cut Joy-Riding, Reduce Pollution

By Demelza Davies

Dear Editor,

The state of our environment as you know is a deterioration that needs to be halted. There are many issues people are passionate about when pertaining to our mother earth but tragically we cannot face all the problems at once. Therefore we need to prioritize and it is within this letter you will see that the most important thing we need to do to reduce our carbon footprint, is to stop the joyriding.

In case you are unaware, teens and young adults are using their cars for frivolous driving. When bored, some would simple "drive around" or when the distance is a mere walk would prefer to drive out of laziness. It is due to these frivolities that we are extricating too much carbon dioxide and other green house gases. Therefore I propose we have a gas ration to limit the amount of fuels emitted to the environment.

Understandably, people will object because they have the right to do with the car as they please. However, it is crutial for people to understand that until the atmosphere improves, we cannot pollute it anymore where it is unnecessary. It is the fuel in the air we breathe that enters our lungs and give us breathing difficulties and cancer. When there are people dying of lung failure or being effected by skin diseases, just think of all the people that cause it when they opt to drive a car rather than a five minute walk.

Thank you for your time reading my letter.

Demelza Davies

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