Friday, February 18, 2011

Climate Change: Help Us Find Answers

To the editor:

Climate change, or “global warming,” as it is oftentimes referred to, has been a prominent environmental issue in recent years. However, I believe there are quite a few misconceptions about climate change that have disseminated amongst the general public. For example, the level of seriousness of climate change, its causes, and what effects it will have on us, our posterity, and our planet.

I, for one, do not feel that I am educated enough on the matter. With so much information available, and so many conflicting ideas competing for recognition, the issue seems almost impossible to wrap one’s head around. When I type “climate change” into my Google search bar, so many possible references emerge that I don't know where to begin. Yet I would certainly like to be able to better understand climate change and what it truly means. Perhaps your publication could put forth a series of articles that would explain very simply to the general public all the things that we need to know on the matter. You could answer burning and pertinent questions, such as: “Is the human race responsible for climate change?” And, if so, “How can we help?” “How will climate change affect me?”

These are all things that many people want to know, but perhaps they are unsure of where or how to find the answers. It is the job of journalists to shed light on matters such as these, and bring answers to the public.

Lindsey de Stefan

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