Friday, February 18, 2011

Is It Real or Is It Christie?

To the editor:

In 2007, the then Governor of New Jersey Jon Corzine signed a legislative act called the Global Warming Response Act. The act called for a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that would bring them to levels documented in the year 1990. This was to be done by the year 2020 by tasking the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to work with various government agencies and public utilities to develop a strategy within the state’s Energy Master Plan to meet these targets, keeping economic benefits and cost in mind. Unfortunately, the current executive in office, Governor Christie does not share the belief that global warming is real.

In a statement made by Governor Christie in November 2010, he claimed that he needed scientific proof that humans are responsible for global warming. It is hard to believe that anyone can doubt it. The excessive use of fossil fuel by humans is the number one culprit to the cause of global climate change. Carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere when burning fossil fuel. If everyone looked, they would find ways they personally waste resources that has helped to cause the global climate change. Additionally, the destruction of undeveloped land and property is another main cause of this problem as plant life stores carbon and when it is destroyed, the carbon escapes to the atmosphere.

If there was ever proof that global climate change has come to New Jersey, it is in the winter of 2011. From late December, 2010 to date, (February 13,2011), we have had to endure consistent temperatures of 20 degrees or lower, record snow falls and ice storms that have caused damage to our properties and homes. The explanation for the change in the average temperatures is reported in many science blogs and articles. It is global warming or, more accurately, global climate change.

It is dangerous that the Governor of New Jersey does not find it important enough to believe that human’s could be responsible for global climate change. He has already reduced funding for several programs that promote renewable energy. His actions could be discouraging businesses from adapting green technology. Even past Republican governors such as Christine Whitman and Tom Kean have understood and supported efforts to contain climate change. It is not in Governor Christie’s best interest to diminish the importance of reducing greenhouse gases by claiming ignorance. There is more than enough evidence available to prove the human involvement and, in fact, a group of Rutger’ scientists offered to educate him on the truth. The Governor was not available for this meeting. He did not respond . His ignorance will be remembered when the Jersey shoreline starts to erode and the citizens are asked to support him in the next election.

Virginia DiBianca

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