Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Global Climate Change

In response to article:

To the editor,

This letter is regarding Ethan Huff’s article, “Is global warming ‘over’?” that you published in I disagree with the premise of the article, which appears to defend a global warming theory claiming that it is actually no longer occurring.

Global warming is an environmental issue that has been discussed by scientists for many years. The unusual rapid increase in Earth’s average surface temperature is what causes global warming. I am not a scientist; however, I feel that global warming is still an occurring issue. According to, scientists believe that current global warming isn’t natural. Therefore, I don’t agree with your reporting on how Professor Judith Curry concluded that global warming is over.

Currently, the winter season for the East Coast has been a “warm winter.” Temperatures have reached highs up to 65 degrees and about an average of 45 degrees. The East Coast usually experiences cooler temperatures during this time of the winter season and it seems likely that global warming is the blame for the unusual temperatures.

You stated in your article, “the debate whether or not so-called “global warming” is real, and whether or not human activity plays any role, will likely continue on for years to come.” I believe global warming not only exists, but will also most likely continue. Additionally, I don’t believe that human activity plays a role with global warming. This environmental issue has to do with the Earth and its unusual rising temperatures on the surface. Last summer, the East Coast experienced hotter weather that scientists and weather reporters may have considered to be related to global warming. Temperatures rose to a high of 118 degrees, with the humidity temperatures above average. This “heat wave” had to be linked to global warming.

To conclude, I respect that many scientists are taking the time to analyze and study the role of global warming and its occurrence today. Thank you for taking the time to read my response to your article.

Molly Rothberg

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