Thursday, March 1, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Fix America First

To the Editor:

I recently read James Gerken’s article on Global Climate Change in the Huffington Post. After reading the article, I have to completely agree with what Samantha Smith, head of the WWF Climate and Energy Initiative, said about focusing on our country first. Our country is known for going to the aid of other countries, and that is totally fine, but we forget to help our people first. I think that in our fight against global warming, though developing countries are more prone to climate change, we need to make results happen here in the United States first.  Once we figure out how we can fight global warming we can then pass this information onto other countries. American citizens should be the top priority of America, not the people of other countries.

Cutting back on black carbon emissions, methane gasses, as well as other fossil fuels would be a great start. But we don’t know how fast it will work. Things like this don’t just happen overnight, it takes time.  These emissions need to be cut.

Gerken’s article also said that the Department of State claims it will decrease deaths by 2030 and avoid the annual loss of crops by 30 million tons. I think that at this point they cannot guarantee any of this. Most of us have been exposed to these fossil fuels for many years, and like DDT, it may not kill us immediately but it may one day in the future. Maybe for a younger generation this change can happen, but as of right now, I don’t see this as something that is probable.

I think that this is all a good start to the fight against global warming, but I think that the changes that are going to be made aren’t going to have that great of an impact on our environment. More needs to be done.

Amanda Daley

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