Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Silent Spring: The Solution Is in Our Hands

By Adriana Cappelli

The main theme of Silent Spring is the destruction of the balance of nature by the extensive use of pesticides.  Rachel Carson carefully explains what the balance of nature really is. She describes the balance of nature of the soil, of the earth’s waters, and the organisms of the earth that is needed in order for the environment to be hazard-free. Then she informs the reader of the ways chemical substances upset that balance and thereby kills life.

Rachel Carson did an excellent job in this book, mainly because of the tone that she uses to inspire the reader’s admiration for the beauty and harmony of nature. She also inspires the reader’s dislike for the reckless destruction caused by chemical pesticides. 

It frustrates me because I don’t understand how even though we have the solution in our hands to protect our lives and the environment; we do nothing to stop the destruction. By using all natural products to produce harm-free pesticides we can save the soil. I really can’t understand the idea behind all these pesticides companies and the government; I guess they would rather make money than protect people’s lives and the environment. If you ask my opinion regarding these pesticides companies and the manufacturer of harmful products, I would say that I would rather not make as much money and protect my life, other people’s lives, and the environment.

I am seriously concerned that our future will be even worse than our present! Something has to be done.  People have to realize that environmental issues can be life threatening. They must stop being greedy and understand that life is more important than generating a profit.

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