Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nature Is Our Tomorrow

By Adriana Cappelli 

I live in the beautiful suburbs of Rockland County, in the town of Pomona, near the Bear Mountain State Park.  I have the privilege to say that my back yard is basically Harriman State Park.  Yes, I am very fortunate and blessed because I can sit on my deck and have the pleasure of enjoying a delightful scenery of baby deer running around with their parents as they come closer to me to look for fresh apples from my apple tree. 

Living in this area makes me incredibly happy since the nature in the area is the closest I have to my home country, Colombia.  The only difference is that I didn’t have any deer or bears in my farm.  Instead, I had cows, horses and many other beautiful exotic animals.

Besides the beautiful environment my town has, there is something that saddens me enormously.  In the morning when I leave home to go to school, everything seems so peaceful, beautiful birds flying across the sky, little squirrels playing hard to get with their mates, deer walking around and staring at all the cars as they drive by.  As soon as I get on the main road though, the scenery changes completely; all I see now are many helpless animals dead on the side of the road.

Every time I see this horrible picture, I always question myself, why does this keep happening.  It makes me feel extremely frustrated because I know it is our own fault because we keep harming our environment without caring for innocent animals.

Living in the modern era means that more luxurious buildings are being built; more offices and more golf courses are being created for people to have fun in their spare time.  These buildings are taking the home of hundreds or thousands of beautiful flora and fauna.  In addition to that, the helpless animals that don’t have a voice are suffering due to the constructions.

We have to stop taking nature’s home away, and stop being so hungry for money and power.  I am not against the developing world and I understand that all this is part of evolution; nevertheless we have to respect the natural world.  They were all here before us and as a result they have priority.

I am not sure what we can do to stop this from happening, but I am sure our communities can do their little part and can help to create awareness to save our fauna and flora.   We can propose to the government regulations that will limit where we can build, keeping our nature and animals safe.  Enough is enough. Remember that NATURE is our TOMORROW!!!

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