Thursday, April 14, 2016

Madison Holding Sustainable Community Green Fair

For Immediate Release

Contact: Daniel Mercurio

Come and experience Sustainable Madison’s Green Fair this Saturday, April 16 from 1 pm to 3 pm. This environmental event will be held at Madison’s Public Library at 39 Keep St, Madison, NJ. There is ample parking and the facility is handicap accessible. Those in attendance will gain an understanding of how Madison Borough and its local schools have implemented sustainable initiatives that benefit the environment, human health, and the local economy. This wealth of knowledge will allow the attendees to become well-versed in sustainable initiatives.  

At the event, Sustainable Madison Advisory Committee members will highlight several important achievements that have made the town an emerging and well-respected leader in the field of sustainability. According to, “Madison is receiving $20,000 from Sustainable Jersey allowing it to restore a 20-acre area piece of land in the borough to its natural state. The section of land to be restored is the only native wooded wetland tract in Madison’s park system and one of the few remaining freshwater wetlands in the state.”   

Education-related highlights include the major environmental and health benefits associated with programs that encourage children and teens to walk to school. Visitors will also learn about the importance of using environmentally friendly cleaning products, especially those that satisfy the standards set by Green Certification Cleaning Solutions.   

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