Thursday, April 7, 2016

Speaking of Climate Change

By Larissa Ledo

 Recently, we had a guest speaker in our class, Amanda Nesheiwat, environmental director in Secaucus. Her presentation was very interesting, warning us about all the climate changes that are happening around us.

Of all the topics she spoke about, one in particular drew my attention the most. According to her presentation, 2012 was the hottest year so far, with extremely high temperatures. That gave me something to seriously think about.

Everyone is always complaining about how cold it is; or how inconvenient snow is and I have heard many people saying “remember that warm winter we had a few years ago?” Well, that warm winter was nothing but climate change happening. Many people are always hoping for warmer days but we all have to remember that winter and cold weather exist, and is completely normal.

In 2012 heat waves made March seem like spring and by May it felt like summer had already arrived. Being in a warmer planet not only affects human beings, it also affects animals and plants. Many animals suffer with the heat leading to many deaths, putting their species in danger. The North Pole looks completely different with warmer weather coming earlier than usual, putting the lives of many animals at risk. Polar bears, for example, are in serious danger of going extinct due to global warming. 

Also, the number of natural disasters have increased. Hurricane Sandy was classified as one of the most destructive hurricanes in history, just behind hurricane Katrina. Even after years many people are still recovering from it. In my town for example, Weehawken, after hurricane Sandy many people including myself helped others get their belongings and anything that could be saved out of the houses of those who were affected by it. No one had electricity for a whole week with the exception of a couple blocks. Many people had to stay at the hotel near by because their houses were completely filled with water.  

With all the climate change happening so fast in our planet the chances of such disasters happening are higher, putting everyone’s life at danger.

The best part about the whole presentation was that Amanda has such a positive attitude. Her job in Secaucus was created by her; her town did not have an environmental director before her and now Secaucus is the number one town in recycling in Hudson County. She has helped her town grow and have a better education about what is happening to the planet and how everyone can help prevent it from getting much worse.

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