Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wind Energy Can Help Power the Future

By Marcus Miles

Watching a YouTube video about wind power, I noticed how much the United States can benefit from wind energy financially and for the environment. The video demonstrates how important wind energy is by limiting fossil fuels, creating electricity, available 24/7 and finally the most important reason wind is free. Also in the video, it shows that wind turbines are the future of wind energy and providing a healthy environment. A wind turbine is like an opposite of a fan that doesn’t require electricity to run and convert kinetic energy into mechanical energy. The video provides different kinds of wind turbine such as vertical and horizontal axis turbines and as well shares where the best places to place these turbines are.

 It is a good choice to place these turbines on land because of large fields that provide enough space to support the turbines and near highways because some wind turbines will create lots of noise. Wind turbines are also effective built off shore because ocean winds at times can be strong and will provide a ton of energy. Although it costs money to put up wind turbines, once they’re up that energy is free. It is one of the cheapest renewable energy resources made. Wind turbines emit no carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases into the air, meaning there is no carbon footprint. Advances have been made in wind energy, where wind turbines can be used in developed countries and third world countries. According to “Wind resource potential is typically given in gigawatts (GW), and 1 GW of wind power will supply between 225,000 to 300,000 average U.S. homes with power annually”

A few negatives about wind turbines: although there is not an exact number, scientists believe that high numbers of birds are killed by wind turbines annually. They can be inconsistent at times since wind is not constant, if there is no wind, there is no energy being produced. Wind turbines are generally noisy because of the rotor blades; which is unappealing to many people. In order to provide electricity to entire communities, many turbines must be built which will cost a lot of money. 

Even though they have negative side effects, wind turbines will provide a bright and long future. With wind, this type of energy can be used as a source of energy to in areas. Wind energy costs are lower than the costs of most other sources of energy since it is almost free to run. The country should take advantage of this source of energy, especially the government which likes to save money when dealing with environmental issues.

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