Monday, March 4, 2013

Actions For Climate Change

To the editor:

Regarding “Global Climate Change” (A-4, Feb. 14):

In class at Ramapo College last week, we saw a PowerPoint presentation about the extreme weather projections for the next 90 years. We saw weather predictions that showed more droughts and floods, hotter summers and colder winters. The droughts will create dry air that will kill the trees, causing more forest fires. Malaria and other diseases will spread and infect people. 

The climate changes our future generations will experience will be horrifying -- rising sea levels destroying beaches, droughts that make irrigation systems run out of water, loss of tree species, changes in forest composition, loss of entire forests, spread of diseases.

We need to make changes in the way we live for a cleaner future. is a global grassroots campaign to solve the global climate crisis founded by Bill McKibben, author of the first books about global warming. Volunteers from over 188 different countries make up the organization. Scientists say that the amount of carbon dioxide on our planet needs to be reduced from 392 parts per million (ppm) to 350 ppm.

In 2007, the campaign “Step It Up” organized more than 2,000 rallies in the US and persuaded leaders to cut carbon by 80% by 2050.  In 2008, the organization went global. In 2011, organized “Moving Planet,” a day to take action against fossil fuels. The organization has also fought to stop the Keystone XL oil pipeline., the organization’s website, explains their campaigns and has signups to get more involved.

The Sierra Club is America’s largest grassroots organization. They strive to protect the wild places of Earth, promote the responsible use of Earth’s resources and ecosystem, and to educate people to protect and restore the quality of the environment. The organization makes efforts to use less coal and oil and cut oil and natural fracking. To become a member of the Sierra Club, visit and for $5, you can be part of the change.  On the site, you can sign up to be on their email list for news and events. The site lists current and future projects that you can choose to take part. There’s a link to donate money as well. In the middle of the site page, a slideshow of images appears and a sidebar reads, “For the price of a coffee, you get: exclusive offers on green products and services, clean air - 150+ coal plants retired and counting, clean water - protected, improved and restored waterways, open space - millions of acres of public land protected, and heard - join our 1.4 supporters and activists.”

Locally, the Pascack Sustainability group is a non-profit organization that raises environmental awareness and promotes sustainable living. Once a month, the group meets at the River Vale Community Center to host lectures on environmental issues, a film series, and environmental book discussions. The group actively supports organizations like and the Sierra Club. Find out more about the group at

Jaimie Moscarello 
Glen Rock, Feb. 21 

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