Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Beauty of Our Ramapo Valley

By Adriana Cappelli 

Before Geoff Welch’s presentation about the Ramapo River in our Environmental Writing class, I was unaware of all the beauty that surrounds the Ramapo Valley. I was also ignorant to the fact that our biggest water supply is in great danger due to men hungry for money and power.

 I’ve been living in Rockland County for the past four years. Previous to that, I lived in Rochelle Park in Bergen County. Before we moved to Pomona, every Sunday my husband and I used to go for road trips to upstate New York because the flora and fauna there are unique. I love nature so much and I always want to be around it. I remember on one of those road trips I saw a deer for the first time in my life.

 It is such a shame that we aren’t able to take care of all the precious gifts that God gave us. In the beginning of history, men were a lot more conscious about nature because they needed it in order to live; however, we still need it too. There were beautiful lands with beautiful rivers in the whole world that served as a home to the first inhabitants. However, with the new era men have opted for not caring or caring very little about nature.

I believe that the world used to be a lot nicer and safer than what it is now. I understand that it is human nature to do anything to survive and it’s been like that throughout history. But, now we don’t care about each other any more and even less about nature. The hunger for money and power is going to be the destruction of many beautiful things, including nature, if we don’t became conscious about how important it is for us in order to LIVE!!!

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