Monday, March 4, 2013

Global Warming is Natural, But We Still Need a Clean Environment

Dear Editor:

I am writing to you today regarding the issue of climate change. This is an issue that has been talked about since Al Gore first proposed Global Warming needed to be addressed. While I agree that greenhouse gases are damaging the environment, I do not blame them for the recent spike in global temperature. Throughout history, it has been proven that this planet goes through temperature changes. The ice age ended, without anybody being around to end it. There were no greenhouse gases to damage the atmosphere, but the temperature continued to rise regardless.

Based on what evidence I see, this is a pattern no different than we have seen in the past. This phase may be aided by the rise of carbon footprints and the greenhouse effect or whatever else people can think of, but I do not think the issue of Global Warming is as bad as people may think it is.
However, with that said, I do believe cleaning up the plant for the better is a necessary thing. Because the “potential” of Global Warming being true and the things causing it are rising in numbers, we still have to be proactive. Taking care of the environment and promoting the well-being of our future and the future of the next generations is important. We have to keep a clean planet. Things like industrial dumping need to be stopped. Paint sludge problems need to be stopped. All these things need to be stopped - not because they are damaging the environment, but rather because they are damaging our health.
 Thank you,
Anthony Smith

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