Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why I Like Scientific American

Dear Marlette DiChristina,

This is why I read your magazine. I just got finished reading an article by Stephen C. Riser and M. Susan Lozier entitled “Rethinking the Gulf Coast” in your February 2013 edition of Scientific American. I really enjoy getting the inside scoop on scientific news, getting informed on not only the future, but debunking current misconceptions and previously held beliefs on global issues. 

This article states that the previously held notion that Gulf Stream’s warm tropical waters keep European winters mild has been disproven by three studies, all of which do not agree with one another. One shows a large direction of prevailing winds, and another focuses on heat lost from the ocean. Ice caps melting would not shut down the Gulf Stream, another misconception pointed out by this article. I really enjoy the insight, and providing me with facts that not many people get to read about. 

The variety in your magazine is also truly stunning, and I am able to acquire so much information from so many different fields of science. What you are doing with your magazine is great, and I am glad I am a subscriber.

 Steven Aliano

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