Monday, March 12, 2018

Hudson Valley Environmental News Update Was Inspirational

Dear editor, the Poughkeepsie Journal:

Amy Wu’s article “What’s new, what’s ahead for the environment?”  (January 31) is the type of news we need more often. It began by noting that Donald Trump’s Presidency has put a looming black cloud on important environmental issues. It is blatantly foolish to drag environmental progress into the opposite direction of what government worked for decades to achieve.

Wu’s article presents useful information about various Hudson Valley environmental issues such as cleaning up PCBs in the Hudson River, the rising annual reports of Lyme disease in New Yorkers, the closure of the nuclear power plant at Indian Point, and other problems. And it presents action plans.

Re the 2021 shut down of Indian Point, it brought up the issues in closing the plant, which would have an impact on the local economy. Indian Point does employ around 1,000 people- so where would they go? But then the article states that with closing this plant, there is the potential of opening a renewable energy plant. That would be beneficial for employing many people!

What made me love this article so much was the structure that Wu used, such as a “what to watch for” section that gave dates throughout the year that various events are to take place. For example, sometime in early 2018, the EPA should have the results of the second 5 year review of the PCB cleanup in the Hudson River.

I also liked the section “key players,” naming some people who are important to the change being created. There are people from environmental groups, a former state assemblyman, and Basil Seggos, the commissioner of the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

The most important section to me is “why you should care.”  Wu states: “The Hudson Valley has long been an inspiration and home to environmental issues and organizations, including Scenic Hudson, Riverkeeper and Clearwater. For many, concerns about the impact of climate change, as well as air and water quality, are a focus.”

I feel if more articles like this are written and posted, it will allow those who are unaware to become educated on what is going on in the Hudson Valley. It will allow us to recognize the important people taking action to bring about the right environmental change. It can provide information to reach the people who want to get involved, but do not know how.

Please have more articles structured like Amy Wu’s,.I believe huge change can come about. It is important to let the public know who is handling their environmental concerns.

Eileen McCafferty

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