Monday, May 14, 2018

Sustainable Tips and Other Stories


By Kristie Murru

This year, due to my Senior capstone campaign “REALIZE Your Environmental Impact,” I have been researching sustainable habits and have become more aware of my own individual impact. Although recycling one plastic water bottle won’t necessarily stop climate change, it instills a sense of routine and awareness for how much plastic is actually discarded each and every day. This understanding is the hardest part to me. It’s incredibly difficult to get people to change their routines and so introducing small tips can be a great way to see a greater impact as time passes.

Want to introduce sustainable practices to your everyday routine but confused about how to actually do that? It’s incredibly easy; below on my blog you can find just a few examples.

Kristie Murru is a senior at Ramapo College of New Jersey, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts with a concentration in Global Communication and Media. “For my Senior Capstone, I have been working with other students to host sustainability based events on campus under the name REALIZE Your Environmental Impact. The goal of this campaign has been to not only promote sustainability but highlight better recycling practices and minimizing waste.”

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