Monday, May 14, 2018

Reducing Plastic Waste: Bulk Shopping Near Campus

By Ysabella Langdon

Most packaging is made of plastic, but many people don’t know that plastic can take up to 500-1000 years to decompose in a landfill. This is why bulk shopping should be a more widespread practice. Buying from a bulk store requires no single-use packaging and you often end up supporting local businesses.

The Ramapo Green team compiled a list of nearby bulk grocery stores for those of you who are new to the campus or are just new to reducing their waste.

Organico | Ramsey, NJ | 9 mins
Organico has a small bulk section, but if you are looking for healthy and natural smoothies- this is your place! They are clean, delicious, and healthy, free of dairy, gluten, preservatives, processed milks, and fast sugars. They are sweetened using only whole food ingredients.

Ramsey Farmers Market | Ramsey, NJ | 10 mins
Ramsey Farmers Market is one of the best and closes option, however it is only open in the warmer months. For students, it is great for finding the best selection of in season, local, and unpackaged produce in the beginning of the semester. Don’t forget to bring your bread bags because this is an often amazing bakery with delicious bread.

Hungry Hollow | Spring Valley, NY | 16 mins
Hungry Hollow is another amazing option! It has a variety of in season produce, package free grains, and baked good. There is also healthy prepared food if you are not one to cook. Hungry Hollow can be a bit expensive on a student budget, but the good news is that they provide a discount for Ramapo students!

Whole Foods | Ridgewood, NJ | 24 mins
This Whole Foods has a good selection of package free grains, nuts, and pastries. You can even get mochi package free if you bring a container! The mochi bar serves a variety of seasonally-driven mochi flavors.

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