Thursday, May 3, 2018

Move Out Drive May 5, Ramapo Students Donate Clothes, Supplies, Food

News Release

Contact: Emily Shovlin

Move Out Drive

College students produce a significant amount of waste throughout the semester, with much of it accumulating within the last few weeks of the semester. On average, an American college student sends 640 pounds of materials to the landfill, such as clothing, bedding, and kitchen and bathroom supplies. With over 20 million college students in the country, this amounts to about 12,800,000,000 pounds of trash per school year.

To cut down this number, two of Ramapo College’s environmental groups, 1STEP (Students Together for Environmental Progress) and Ramapo Green, are hosting a move out and food drive the weekend before finals end. At three locations throughout the campus, students will be collecting clothing, room decorations, kitchen supplies, and non-perishable foods, all of which will be donated to Goodwill and a local food bank.

If you and your roommates have any unneeded products or food, come to Thomases Commons, Laurel Hall, or Mackin-Bischoff Court between 11AM and 6PM on Saturday, May 5th to give these items a second life and avoid sending them to a landfill!

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