Monday, April 23, 2012

Caux Round Table to Discuss Sustainable Global Markets


Contact: Jed Ipsen 651-223-2863

Global Dialogue on Sustainability
to be Held at Caux Round Table

          St. Paul Minnesota--The Caux Round Table has announced their 2012 global dialogue will take place in Caux, Switzerland on July 29-31.
          The economy in the West is in great turmoil. Debt and self-interest has become the norm for people in the West, which has resulted in an overly stressed population. If the free market is to remain, a serious intervention is needed. Government and regulators play a vital role in this reform, but business leadership is the key to success. Concern about this crisis is growing. The Financial Times has released a series of commentaries on the issue at hand.
          According to the Financial Times, “Since Adam Smith, intelligent defenders of free markets have known that capitalism works best when people’s free choices are also governed by moral values.”
          The Caux Round Table has been around for 26 years, and has grown both strategically and intellectually with principles and management tools to make moral capitalism a reality. Participants in the Global Dialogue will speak about their experiences and views on the global economy. The focus is on challenges facing businesses and decision makers on a national and international level.
          There are four major areas that will be discussed. The role of governments, the repositioning of banking, new rating agencies and valuation methodology, and a revision of the financial theory.
          To register, please visit and for more information and a preliminary agenda, visit the website as well.
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-- Amanda Daley

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