Monday, April 23, 2012

Sussex County Celebrates Earth Day with Series of Events


Contact: Samuel Arnowitz

Sussex County to Celebrate Earth Day 
with Focus on Saving Energy

          This Saturday, April 21st not not just another blessed day off from work and school, it is a day to celebrate Earth Day as well. The year was 1970, the Sixties were over, Rachel Carson had published Silent Spring and “Environment” was the buzz word of every women, child, and man. We as a country united and celebrated our first Earth Day. It has been 42 years since the first Earth Day and they are getting better every year. Up here in Sussex county things are getting better as well.
          The Sussex County Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling Facility in Lafayette is hosting a public celebration in honor of Earth Day. The focus of the celebration this year will be on renewable energy and energy conservation. All of the following activities will be available to all who attend:.

• Pot a free tree. The trees, which are donated by the New Jersey Forest Service, can be taken home to plant.
• Learn about composting with AG Choice, LLC.
• Learn about hazards to the environment from the Sussex County HAZMAT Team.
• Interactive displays by Sussex County Clean Communities and Mosquito Control.
• Operation Quiet Comfort will allow people to recycle old jeans and pay tribute to the armed forces.
• Learn secrets about transforming landfill gas to electricity from Energenic, LLC.
• Hands-on lessons about watershed facilitated by AmeriCorp Watershed Ambassadors.
• Learn about new energy technologies at the Alternative Energy Corner.
          I encourage all of my fellow Highlanders to attend with their families and for those of you who cannot make it, I challenge you this year to go out on a hike with an empty garbage bag and come back with a full one.

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