Monday, April 23, 2012

DuPont/Pompton Lakes Update

By Samuel Arnowitz

          Residents of Pompton Lakes have been pushing for a sediment clean up in Pompton Lake by DuPont this spring during public hearings. Sediment in an area of the lake, which is a public water supply and popular fishing area, is contaminated with lead and mercury from DuPont's past industrial operations. Also present at some of these hearing have been the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; this agency has submitted new written reports on the on going project.
          Written comments from citizens of the town as well as the written comments from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service must be responded to by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA has not responded as of yet. EPA spokesperson David Kluesner has said that the EPA is still reviewing the feedback from these public hearings. What has been confirmed by the EPA is that they expect to a decision will be made this summer and that the project will start sometimes in 2013. EPA has constructed a time line and presented it to the EPA-sponsored Community Advisory Group for the DuPont clean up in Pompton Lakes.
          DuPont will also be responsible for the removal of chlorinated solvents in the groundwater that came from the former DuPont Plant.

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