Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mahwah Gas Line Project

 By Thomas Babcock

The gas line project proposed to be built from Asylum, PA to Mahwah, NJ has a feeling of inevitability to me. This is one of those things where the powers-at-be, I think, will have their way no matter what the general public has to say.

There obviously are serious concerns with the mega-million project, including: damage to the pristine land-- including tearing through the Ramapo Reservation--and also the problems that come with drilling for natural gas with fracking.

The reason I say this feels like an inevitable project is because Tennessee Gas claims they are at capacity with their current gas line. This means they have little choice if they want to expand their business, and when it comes to business or the public’s concern, I think history has made it clear that business wins out more often than not.

What I dislike the most about this project is that it would go through the Ramapo Reservation. It’s called a reservation for a reason. We’re supposed to reserve and cherish the beautiful land that we are quickly gutting for selfish and irresponsible reasons. I understand where the public outcry is coming from. If this were my backyard or hometown, I would feel the same way.

What I would propose is some creativity and ingenuity in finding other ways. Anytime people can resort to not tearing apart land is a solution I can back.

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