Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Sustainable Burger

To the Editor,

I’m writing to express my disdain with a particular aspect of Tuesday’s article in The New York Times, “The Burger Remains a Work in Progress.” While I fully acknowledge and respect the fact this article was a restaurant review, I feel that the author should not have so lightly disregarded the fact that the restaurant, Shake Shack, uses only antibiotic and hormone-free ingredients.

Shake Shack is a fast-food restaurant in every aspect. It sells shakes, burgers, and fries, does not take reservations, and no item is priced higher than $10 on the menu. But what sets it apart from a McDonald’s, Burger King or Wendy’s is its devotion to using beef that comes from cows that are local, organic and grass-fed. That is not a promise that every other fast food place can make.

So while the fries may not be the best, and the burgers cooked inconsistently, please give credit where credit is due. Shake Shack is making an effort at sustainability, a trend that hopefully more fast food restaurants will soon follow.

Diana Stanczak

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