Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Children's Books and Nature

To the Editor,

I am writing regarding a piece published by KJ Dell’ Antonia titled “Children’s Books Lose Touch with Nature.” I must say how refreshing it is to read something that is as interesting as it is important. Discovering that children’s books offering images of more environmental friendly and natural environments have “all but disappeared” was shocking.

It is no secret that environmental issues are not getting the attention they should be receiving. I think sometimes people get sick and tired of hearing the same complaints about why they should recycle and “go green,” so for them to hear a new spin on an environmental related topic and how it is affecting us is wonderful

This is a topic that I don’t think many people think much about, which is why I am so glad that this writer took the time to research and write about this issue that has been presumed unimportant. Articles like these, which shed new light and research into the realm of nature, can only accomplish good outcomes. I have high hopes that many readers will absorb this material and pay much closer attention to such matters instead of dismissing them as they frequently do.

Alexis Lopez

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