Thursday, April 19, 2012

Toxic Legacy Reveals Truth

By Luan Madani

“Toxic Legacy” is an important issue today. It is important to find out about events such as these because when something serious happens and it begins to affect people, something needs to be done.

“Toxic Legacy” was a very interesting and revealing report that was done exceptionally well. Showing how the Ford Motor Company blatantly dumped toxic waste in an area that is inhabited by people to the re-discovery of how Ford did not do a proper clean up of the waste to the lawsuit, “Toxic Legacy” is a piece that should be shown all over the nation.

Even if someone does not know too much about the environment, or does not care, it is important for them to look at this piece because it shows how the environment is affected by everyone, including multi-million dollar corporations that should set the standard for doing the right thing. Unfortunately, that does not happen all of the time and usually it is big corporations that produce the biggest toxic waste and do not dispose of it properly.

The best thing about "Toxic Legacy," aside from it being revealing and showing every detail about the case, it hits close to home. Growing up in New Jersey and living here throughout my childhood, I was not too far from Ringwood. The fact that a town was and still is so heavily affected by this begs the question, “did this happen in my area?” It raises speculation whether or not the readers live in an area that has been contaminated. This is also a reason why this report is important.

“Toxic Legacy” raises awareness and it teaches people about the dangers of pollution. While raising awareness, people will begin to question the environment in which they live in. There are individuals out there who will do the research and find out whether or not their surrounding area has been affected by pollution and whether or not where they live is contaminated. If people begin to find out that their area is contaminated, that is more places that are known to be polluted and the necessary clean up can take place.

This report can be used as a teaching tool for people that are not really up to speed on daily issues regarding the environment and what negligence can do to a community and the earth. The more people who see this, the more people that are informed and that information leads to taking the necessary precautions to make sure that things like this never happen again.

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