Thursday, April 29, 2010

Experiential: Learning from Earth Day

By Chris Brancato

For my experiential work, I spent a large amount of time researching the topic of "Earth Day" on my final paper. I used both the internet and my town library to explore it's beginning points and struggles that had to be overcome in acknowledging such an event as something being actually quite significant.

Additionally, I interviewed people throughout my community, but found most of their quotes to not be to inquisitive or "meaty" -- hence, the reason why only one original quote can be found. The project as a whole I felt was successful in that gives the reader a better understanding of how valuable such a day as Earth Day really is and it also shows -- toward the end -- how easily the event can be manipulated into something for big businesses of America to capitalize on.

Lastly, I've made it a priority of mine to be more conscious in my everyday life of how I dispose of my wastes and how much electricity I consume. When I go grocery shopping, I bring my own bags for the groceries and if I do receive any bags from my local Whole Foods, they're made of paper and can be brought back to the store to recycle properly. I feel like this course has helped me to adapt to certain lifestyle changes that are both necessary and important for us as human beings to acknowledge.

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