Thursday, April 29, 2010

Experiential: My Final Project

By Demelza Davies

My experiential component was thorough research to develop my final project. I created a survey on and was able to collect accurate percentages concerning my topic, college students and the environment. I put the link on my Facebook as well as asked my friends to spread it around to their friends. I also emailed the link of the survey to my classes. I aspired to have more surveys done, but I was satisfied with the number I received. I also researched various campaigns and images to give me further insight on my topic. Although I did not use this research in my final presentation, I was able to develop my ideas and create different tips for students to be more environmentally sound.

Overall, I enjoyed doing this project as it gave me insight on my own behavior that effects the environment negatively. I myself am guilty of every one of the topics presented (except for the smoking), and I intend to use the tips I displayed towards my own lifestyle. I am very interested in learning about the small ways someone like me who will never be an environmentalist can change to help make the Earth a little healthier.

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