Thursday, April 15, 2010

Silent Spring Voices Pesticides

By Demelza Davies

Pesticides kill bugs. Thus, chemicals created by man are meant to wipe out species that harm plants which are also created and dispersed by man. Rachel Carson discusses the impact of pesticides in her book, Silent Spring. In this work she talks about how these man-made chemicals are harmful to all species including humans. Overall, all humans care about are themselves and the plants they cherish and want to protect. Whether it is a large farm that provides food and nourishment to many, or the small house garden that provides a colorful arrangement for all to see, pesticides often prove to be more detrimental than beneficial, Carson wrote.

Since her work, there have been others who strive for the same goal for a healthier gardening lifestyle. Since it is evident that pesticidess can lead to cancers and lung diseases if one is exposed, other methods of insect relief on plants were explored to prevent such illnesses. For example, gardening enthusiasts have discovered that planting certain flowers around a garden or a park can be just as beneficial as spraying a pesticides. Plants such as marigolds and chrysanthemums have their own natural chemical that serves as a natural insect repellent. When emitted, critters such as lady bugs and inchworms keep insects away without causing harm to the insect or humans. What's more, they are attractive to look at and can add a delicate touch to any green space. Indeed, marigolds and chrysanthemums are not as effective as the chemical, but they are safer to use. And so what if you take a bite out of a fruit fly, just think of the extra protein, yum!

Dying birds also play an active role in Silent Spring. Many people might have indifference towards this occurrence, but to me a bird can be our natural enemy as well as our beloved garden friend. Although we build scare crows to beat away the unwanted black aviators, we appreciate the smaller ones for eating the tiny insects that fester in our gardens.

In the begining of the book, Carson describes an imaginary American town that is inflicted with terrible plagues due to pesticides. Throughout the book she inspires people to be more aware of their exposure to pesticides and to help the fight against them. People may be pro pesticides but the fact is that they cost money and health. Although they kill insects, they do not do it cheaply or safely. So why can't the government follow the natural ways of dealing with the pests?

Schools and other public areas have already started the fight against the harsh chemicals used in pesticides. Reforms are in the process and people have already become aware of the negative effects of the synthetic products. However, it will be years before the planet is fully healed of the treachery that is pesticides.

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