Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Small Step By Man Means One Large Carbon Footprint By Mankind

By Demelza Davies

The drastic change in climate is a pure result to human activity. What we do on earth effects it and its temperature, thus putting the environment in danger of total deteriation. What a lot of people don't know is the main cause for climate change is the increase of carbon dioxide emissions. carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that can be absorbed in our air and rain, which makes the rain more acidic than it needs to be. By doing things such as running cars and emitting energy where it is not necessary, we emit more carbon dioxide to the environment which makes our earth unhealthy. For example, the beloved state of New Jersey is suffering especially from the impact of the rapid climate change. Although this industrious state has been known to be highly polluted, it still maintained its garden name for the farms located throughout. However, it is nearly impossible to have a healthy organic farm when the temperature rises and falls at unsuspected times of the year.

New Jersey is proudly known to be the Garden State due to the vegetation that circulated. Although a lot has changed since the state's naming, the farms left are in great trouble survivng the environment. Or is it having trouble surviving the human activity? Realistically, the New Jersey farms and all farms for that matter will have trouble growing food if the temperature continues to rise and fall as it has been doing. Although people rarely see organic fruits and vegetables, their food comes from a farm that does rely on mother earth to do some of the work, and leave the rest up to chemical labor. The agriculture of New Jersey is in trouble for if this climate change continues.

Although carbon dioxide is the most common greenhouse gas that is emitted due to human activity, there are still others that need to be acknowledged: water vapor, nitrous oxide, the ozone, and methane. Each of these green house gases including carbon dioxide could be reduced if people took care of themselves and their earth a little better. For example, lumber companies could cut down less trees that are natural to our earth and perhaps scientists could develop different alternatives to wood. If there were more trees, there will be a decrease in carbon dioxide because trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen which is good for us. Also, we could just be more green in general by walking or riding bikes when the distance is not too far. Or not giving in to companies that are not green and dispose their waste in rivers and our soil. The United States already promised the world it would reduce its carbon dioxide levels within the next 10 or so years...that was in 1997...and now, it's 2010, still not improvement.

This is not a governmental problem. We can't just turn our backs on the environment. This is a job for all to pitch in and the little everyone does makes a big difference to the earth.

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