Thursday, April 1, 2010

Global Warming for Dummies

By Ashleigh Schuddekopf

What is Global Warming?

Growing up I felt the phrase "Global Warming" was, and still is thrown around a lot. Within the passed decade, it has seeminling increased in popularity and has become a major concern to our Earth. In this blog, I would like to basically explain exactly what Global Warming is and clear up any misconceptions it has.

Global Warming is the increase of the Earth's average surface tempature. It began rising more rapidly from the start of the 20th centrury. What causes Global Warming is the greenhouse gases, which are caused by human activity such as fossil fuel and deforestation.

One misconception about Globel Warming is that we are going to burn a huge whole in the Earth and our lives are over. That is not true. Global Warming will effect not just climate change, but simple events in our Earth's paterns. Such as, it may change the frequency and intensity of precipitation.

Larger effects include melting ice and glaciers, however--do not be scared-- this happens over the course of many many years and will not harm us tomorrow.

That is why it is never too late to do your part. The first step is to gain informnation on the topic at hand. Learn what it is thats going on and how you can prevent this from harming our future.

Here are some tips that you can use in your daily life without going out of your way:

-Eat vegitarian or vegan foods
-Be sparing with water/use wisley
-Buy local produce
-Unplug unused electronics
-Ride a bike or use public transportation
-Use Refills
-Use reusable bags when shopping

Hope these helped!! Remember, Global Warming isnt just a phrase we dont understand much about-- its real. So please do your part and keep our Earth green :)

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