Thursday, April 29, 2010

Experiential: Learning About Companies Going Green

By Sharon Meyer

For my experiential learning assignment, I decided to research the companies who have “gone green” in light of the increase of concern for the environment. People have forever been concerned with the environment but more recently more people have voiced their concerns. Since their voices were getting louder and louder, Corporate America decided that the only way to keep their consumers buying the products was to change the way they treated the environment.

I have learned through this research that many companies cut corners to save money, but by cutting corners they were harming the environment greatly with air pollution, ground pollution, greenhouse gases, and many other harmful chemicals and procedures. Learning to assemble is the greatest thing a community can do for its environments’ own good. When large groups of people assembly it makes the tiny individual voices that are usually covered by the large voice of Corporate America extremely loud, loud enough to make serious change happen.

During my research, I learned of many companies that have harmed the environment and changed their ways in order to keep consumer happy and purchasing the product.

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