Thursday, April 22, 2010

Letter to the Editor: Solar Heating

By Stephanie Noda

To the editor,

A new method of solar heating has the potential to revolutionize the process in New Jersey and reduce the environmental impact of many homes. As stated in the article “Solar hot water heater saves money” in the South Bergenite, “New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program recently launched the Solar Domestic Hot Water Pilot Program, which offers a $1,200 incentive to single-family homeowners with electric hot water heating systems. The program, sponsored by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, enables homeowners to either replace or supplement their existing electric hot water heating system.” To be eligible to be a part of the trial program, residents must be currently serviced by one of the following electricity utilities: Atlantic City Electric, Jersey Central Power & Light, Public Service Electric & Gas or Rockland Electric Company.

Not only does using this solar heating have the potential to lessen environmental impact, since it does not require energy from fossil fuels, but it also has the potential to help homeowners save money. According to Jeanne M. Fox, president of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, the solar heating program would provide “homeowner with immediate savings on their utility bill and all of us save by reducing the need for future utility infrastructure.” If the trial period is a success, perhaps solar heating will become a staple in New Jersey homes, which would waste less carbon and save more money. I believe the step that the New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program are taking to embrace renewable resource is a positive one, and has the potential to improve quality of life for all New Jersey citizens.

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