Thursday, April 29, 2010

News Release: Iceland Volcano Fallout

By Amanda Valenti

The recent eruption of the volcano in Iceland shook many and delayed even more flights. With the recent surge of natural disasters, it seems only normal that this was going to happen.

A large amount of information can be found by visiting

Thousands of flights worldwide were delayed. is a great site to find out which flights were delayed and where. All flights have been allowed to resume now that the dust has settled.

Many people were stuck in Europe trying to get back home. Flights were delayed for up to a week and more for some.

People had to get creative with ways to get home and some just had to wait it out. The air was so thick planes would have been unable to see and engines would have failed.

The impact of the volcano is such that almost everyone knows someone who was affected by it. It was quite the inconvenience for many, and leaves room for people to wonder what will be next.

The amount of natural disasters striking the earth has been too much for some to bare and they wonder what could possibly be next. The 2012 theory is starting the hit some people harder than others.

There are more believers now than ever before. It was like this volcano just pushed everyone over the edge.

Once is erupted for the second time people were really starting to talk. The pictures are draw-dropping and are a cause for concern for many. Around 800 people had to evacuate their homes, and even more were affected by the event.

It did not slow down very quickly, but once it did people were able to get back to their homes and flights were rescheduled.

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